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June, 2022

The Garden (on tour)

Swedish Performing Arts Coalition/Scensverige 

Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Västerås, Sweden

*English and Swedish

May-June, 2021

The Garden: Unvisible Brances

New Grit: Art & Philly Now, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Philadelphia, PA

October, 2019

The Garden (on tour)

Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea Onésimo

Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

* English and Spanish

April 13, 2018

Enchanted Forest

Philadelphia Design District opening event

Structured improvisation with Guillermo Ortega Tanus and Beau Hancock.  Direction by Melanie Stewart

Philadelphia, PA


October 29,  2017

2017 K ; NOW

@ Painted Bride Arts Center

Performing a solo dance with Alban Bailly (music)

Philadelphia, PA


September 30,  2017

Hello Arts Festival

@ DiSilvestro Playground

Performing with Christina Zani, Guillermo Ortega Tanus and Rhonda Moore

Philadelphia, PA


September 15,  2017

Bodyworks opening reception 

@ The Galleries @ Moore

Improvisation with Jim Strong and Em Jensen

Philadelphia, PA


May 8 -  June 17,  2017

The Garden of Forking Paths


Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Philadelphia, PA


May 1 -  May 28,  2017

The End

Guiding an interactive game/performance with Swim Pony, directed by Adrienne Mackey 

Philadelphia, PA


October 20-30,  2016

The Garden

@ A.R.T. at Harvard University

Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Cambridge, MA


October 6-8,  2016


@ Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center

Da·Da·Dance Project and Melanie Stewart presenting Sticky

New York, New York


June-July,  2016

*University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Teaching 5-week intensive Summer School
Winston-Salem, NC


November 21-22,  2015

Spiel Uhr

@ CEC, Philadelphia, PA

Da·Da·Dance Project 

Philadelphia, PA


June 5-14,  2015

W*LM*RT Nature Trail

Performing with Headlong 

Philadelphia, PA


May 2-3,  2015

Workshop with Helena Franzén

@ UArts 

Da·Da·Dance Project hosting a workshop with two parts: 1) The Breathing Body (technique); 2) The Duo Experience (creating process)

March 7,  2015

Article 13

@ Penn's Landing

Performed in a collaborative production between

Compagnie Carabosse (France) & Teatro Linea de Sombra (Mexico)


February 26,  2015

The Strangest Thing: Clearance 13'6"

@ Thelma Arts Center

Performing a piece by Erick Montes, along with Guillermo Ortega Tanus and Erick himself. 

Time: TBA

Brooklyn, NY


February 2,  2015

Scratch Night

PointBold: A Neighborhood Project by Lee Ann Etzold

Performing in her new project "PointBold: A Neighborhood Project."

7 pm @ Philly Fringe Arts

Philadelphia, PA


January 22-24,  2014

Winter Dance Ensemble: Heros and Icons

Presenting "Luminus Flux 2," set on Drexel University’s Dance Ensemble.

8 PM @ Mandell Theater

Philadelphia, PA


January 10,  2014

LIT - Anti-APAP Performance Party

Performing a structured improvisation "Let Us Dissolve" with Guillermo Ortega and Erick Montes.

The evening include other latest work of Nancy Bannon, Keely Garfield, Raja Feather Kelly, B.S. Movement, Colleen Thomas,

Bill Young

9 PM @ 100 Grand, SoHo

New York, NY


December 7,  2014

Plunging into the Stream

Performing a structured improvisation "Let Us Dissolve" with Guillermo Ortega and Erick Montes.

8 PM @ Mascher CO-OP

Philadelphia, PA


November 25-28,  2014

*Creación de Imágenes Corporales

Teaching four-day intensive choreographic workshop as part of EINCE-EXTENSIÓN 2014.  

Guadalajara, México


November 17-23,  2014

*Cross Pollination Residency

Engaging in a week-long collaborative process with Adrienne MacKey (theater artist) and Catherine Rush (fiber artist/writer)

Philadelphia, PA, USA


November 12-14,  2014

Meg Foley's Togetherish @ Icebox

Performing with Christina Zani, Jung-eun Kim, Drew Kaiser

Philadelphia, PA, USA


October, 2014 -January,  2015

*Drexel Dance Ensemble, Drexel University

Setting a work on Drexel University’s Dance Ensemble as part of the Drexel Dance Program.  The final performance will be at Mandell Theater from January 22-24.

Philadelphia, PA, USA


October 15-19,  2014

*Sexto Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de

Danza Contemporánea @ Facultad de Danza

Universidad Veracruzana

Eun Jung is invited to teach daily classes during the encuentro and serve as an adjudicator.


September 11-12,  2014

The Garden at 2014 NextNOW Festival

Nichole Canuso Dance

Performing with the company.


July 18,  2014

*Sacatar Residency Artist Open Studio

The company will share its works created during the residency to 

public from 2-6 pm.  


May-July,  2014

*Da·Da·Dance Project received 

Sacatar Residency Fellowship

Two artistic co-directors will engage in a new project during

their two-month residency at Sacatar Institute located

in Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil. 


Mar 5,  2014

*Da·Da·Dance Project: A Story of Three Cities

Da·Da·Dance Project: A Story of Three Cities "A Story of Three Cities" is

an evening of dance curated by Da·Da·Dance Project, co-directed by

Eun Jung Choi and Guillermo Ortega Tanus. The concert features the

premiere of The Strangest Thing: Clearance 13'6" by Erick Montes. The

visual images embrace humor, buoyancy, perplexity, aggression and

a sense of absence, all through compelling contemporary dance.

@ Pheeger Teater, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

For more info and tickets:


Mar 6-8,  2014

Rosario Toledo premiere's "Tapas" 

*This premiere by Rosario Toldeo (recipient of "Best Show" at Sevilla's

2012 Biennial de Flamenco), is the result of her month long residency.

@ Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

More info:


Jan-Feb, 2014

*American University

Setting a new work on the student company

Washington D.C.


Jan 3o, 2014

*Blind Dates hosted by Fantasy Grandma

with performances by Beau Hancock, Christina Zani, Megan Mazarick,

Meg Foley, Ben Grinberg, Eun Jung Choi, Eugene Lew, Jesse Kudler,

Billy Dufala, and Julius Masri.


Nov 1-19, 2013

The Garden

Performing with Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Thur-Sun @ SMOKE

Philadelphia, PA

More info:


Oct, 2013

*The Image Conference

Dancing with Projected Images:

An Analysis of "Sticky" by DaDa Dance Project

Chicago, IL


Sept, 2013

*Ursinus College

Artist Residency - Teaching and creating a new work on students

*The fall concert to be held November 21-23, 2013

Collegeville, PA


Aug 5-9, 2013

*DaDa Dance Project:
Company Residency  with  Erick Montes 

the company's new project

Philadelphia, PA

July 22-Aug 2, 2013

*CHI Movement Arts Summer Workshop

Teaching Contemporary Technique

Philadelphia, PA


July 1-5, 2013

*La Cartelera

Creación de Imagen: Transformación del espacio y el cuerpo

Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico


June 24-28, 2013

*Entren Arte Regio 2013-II

Teaching Contemporary Technique

Monterrey, Mexico


June 17-22, 2013

The Orchard Project Residency

w Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Catskill, NY

May 22-25, 2013

*DaDa Dance Project:
Company Residency  with  Erick Montes 

initial workshop period 

Philadelphia, PA

May 16, 2013

*“Blind Date"

8 pm @ Christ Church Neighborhood House,

Philadelphia, PA

Featuring  Eun Jung Choi + Drums Like Machine Guns

Manfred Fishbeck + Peterson Goodwyn

Linda Caruso Haviland + Jiyoen Kim

Melissa Diane + Catherine Pancake



Feb, 2013

Susan Rethorst's BBSDog
Performing at Bryn Mawr College
Byrn Mawr, PA


Jan-May, 2013

*University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Guest teaching
Winston-Salem, NC

Dec 14, 2013

*National Performing Arts Network Showcase
@ the Painted Bride
Philadelphia, PA

Nov 15-18, 2012

Drift by Guillermo Ortega Tanus

Conwell Dance Theater
Philadelphia, PA 

Oct 19-21, 2012

*Study #2: Holy Cabinet
@ Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater
Philadelphia, PA


Oct 5-7, 2012

*Sticky by Melanie Stewart in collaboration with DaDaDance Project
@ Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater
Philadelphia, PA

Aug 16-19, 2012

*Sticky by Melanie Stewart in collaboration with DaDaDance Project

@ Teatro de la Danza

Mexico City, Mexico


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