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"Eun Jung is knowledgeable and professional. She is respectful and sensitive to the client's response to the treatment. Highly recommended!"

by Merian

"Eun Jung was very kind, intuitive, powerful, gentle and artful. I am thankful for her abilities and would highly recommend Chi Nei Tsang and/or Thai Massage with Eun Jung to anyone looking for holistic healing."

by Brian

"Easily one of the best massages I got here so far, Eun Jung was amazing and I would definitely see her again! The pressure was fantastic, I felt great and continue to feel great."

by Anonymous

“Eun Jung pulled, squeezed, stretched, and contorted my body into a puddle of bliss!”

by Jen 

“The abdominal massage experience was new and intense and revealed tight spots that I didn’t know that I had. ”

by jj 

“The experience made me feel like a new person! Great work and very thorough. Very professional!”

By David 

"The work with Eun Jung is a collaboration, it helps put me in touch with the functioning of the whole body, and shows some of the habits and emotions that need to change. In working with Eun Jung I’ve realized potential for returning to a healthier condition, with more functional mobility of the internal organs and whole-body flexibility overall. Working with Eun Jung is serving as a catalyst for changing the routines and habits of a lifestyle which contributed to a condition requiring emergency surgery.  I’m developing a regular exercise practice, I approach the foods I consume a little differently and there is generally more awareness of my breathing.  In my everyday life this work with Eun Jung is helping me to become more mindful of breath!  Eun Jung is a good listener and emotionally supportive during this phase in my life. Each session with Eun Jung takes me a little deeper in a process, revealing and helping to change some of the emotions, attitudes, and “postures” that contribute to the condition I find myself in.  I can’t Thank you enough Eun Jung!"

by Carlton


"I have had many many massages over the last 40 years, and I can honestly say Eun Jung Choi is the most understanding, thoughtful, professional, and knowledgeable masseuse I have experienced. She is extremely versatile, both traditional table massage to Thai massage(now my favorite)."

by Douglas  

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