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A duet repertory dance/theatre company, DaDa Dance Project challenges traditional notions of art making through travesty, absurdity and physical authenticity, constantly questioning aesthetic ideals. In addition to performing works by artistic directors Eun Jung Choi and Guillermo Ortega Tanus, the company commissions work by local and international artists and promotes social awareness and diversity through collaborative performance efforts. Themes frequently include aspects of personality, social and emotional behavior and intelligence, with a curious mixture of the comic and tragic. DaDa Dance Project is “a notable example of contemporary dance, full of creativity and quirkiness all its own.” (

Touring repertoire includes a variety of works by the artistic directors, and by Elise Knudson, Helena Franzen, Melanie Stewart, Gerald Casel, Rodger Belman  and Luke Gutsell. Complementary activities include after-school progams, lecture/demonstrations and workshops tailored to the participants.

DaDa Dance Project


Performance space 30-feet wide by 25-feet deep with wood or Marley floor. Standard lighting and sound system with CD or MP3 player.

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Eun Jung Choi, Da•Da•Dance Project



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