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The Strangest Thing


by Erick Montes


This work is a part of 

Da·Da·Dance Project's Repertoire. 

Performers: Eun Jung Choi, Erick Montes

and Guillermo Ortega Tanus




by Melanie Stewart


This work is a part of Da·Da·Dance Project's Repertoire.  STICKY explores the nature of bonding as one human is to another, in image and in memory, examining sticky situations in relationships through a multi layered use of movement, 3-d media, film animation, music and text.​ At the Teatro de la Danza in Mexico City, August 16-19, 2012 and the Philadelphia Premiere, October 5-7, 2012 

Performers: Eun Jung Choi and Guillermo Ortega Tanus

Sticky (video projection)


by Melanie Stewart

This video created in CAVE-3D virtual lab was integrated as a part of the performance. 

Performer: Eun Jung Choi

Tu y Yo

(Original work premiered in 1989) 

by Merian Soto

Improvisation by Eun Jung Choi

Merián Soto reconstructed the 1989 work as two back-to-back solos for male and female dancer, here performed by Eun Jung Choi. in 2011.

Performers: Eun Jung Choi and Beau Hancock

Pelea de Gallos (The Cockfight)


by Merian Soto

Excerpts from the performance at the CORD Conference in Philadelphia, 11/17/11.

Choreographer and Director: Merián Soto
The Cocks: Eun Jung Choi and Beau Hancock
Musicians: Raices de Borinquen/ Familia Rojas – Samylich R. Cosme, Maria Rojas, Rachel Rojas, Emilio J. Tapia, Harry Tapia, Harry L. Tapia
The crowd: Andrew Clark, Diego Bouguera, Colleen Hooper, Shailer Kern-Carruth, Taylor McEwing, Kiera Mersky, Guillermo Ortega, Gabriel Osorio-Soto, Michael Roberts, Danielle Schindledecker, Merián Soto, Whitney Weinstein


Direction by Jaime Jewett

Performance by Eun Jung Choi, Ali Fischer, Megan McKenna

MELT is a cinematic reimagining of a full-length multimedia dance performance. It transposes the dancers to decayed mill buildings where giant blocks of ice mysteriously melt and reappear, as well as other spaces at the urban edges of mills, mechanics, and water.



kate watson-wallace anonymous bodies

CAR is a movement installation that takes place in and around a moving vehicle.  Using the landscape of a parking garage, audience members move and are moved through a series of performance vignettes that inhabit the at once private and public space that is a car.

Performers in this video: Eun Jung Choi and Brian Osborne

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