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Out-call services available.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.



My view and background...

If you have an injury, or live with chronic pain, you know how alienating that experience can be. You begin to feel separate from your body, you begin to feel as though your body has betrayed you, you begin to feel isolated and alone. One of the cruelest aspects of pain is that the alienation it causes only produces more pain; it is only when we begin to reintegrate our “selves” with our bodies that healing can begin. In order to begin that process, we must become more, not less, aware and accepting of our bodies and yes, of our pain. But healing is possible, yes! As a practitioner of both Western and Thai massage modalities, I would love to be a facilitator for your healing process with intentions toward your wellness. 


It is a known fact that we, as human, need touch to survive. As a movement artist and a dance maker for the past 30+ years in the U.S., Korea and Mexico, I have been privileged to work within intimate communities where physical contact has been an integral part of artistic practice and exploration. My dance partners have brought care, compassion, clear intention and generosity to our work and have made me feel connected and nurtured and have promoted feel-good sensations that foster a sense of well-being and happiness. My sense of physical contact within dance practice has been a dynamic healing path in many ways: physical, psychological and social. It is biology as much as it is psychology. Touch has been life itself in my own personal artistic expression. 


As a movement artist, I initially became fascinated with Thai massage because its physical form and shape resemble partnering dance. As a novice, the physical shapes of Thai massage were beautiful to watch, and the benefits of receiving Thai massage were tremendous. My own moving body began to feel both energized and supple. Others have noted that Thai massage also resembles yoga practiced with a partner, and in fact Thai massage is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga in the West.


The beauty and the benefits of Thai massage become so clear in my life that I began studying to become a Thai massage practitioner myself. Since 2014 I have traveled annually to Chiang Mai in Thailand to spend several months of intensive study with various and diverse teachers of Thai massage. I am also a graduate of the Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork, where I have studied to become a licensed massage therapist, primarily focusing on Western massage modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, myo-fascial, trigger point, sports and pre-natal massage.  Through all of my training, I have come to understand some of the human behaviors that cause specific symptoms and pain, and I have also learned the power of being fully present to listen in my massage practice. My teacher says, "Don't use your own power." True power comes from listening. Yes! I am a facilitator and I believe my knowledge, attentive touch and listening are compelling tools I can offer to people in their healing processes. 


I value your time and care about your well being. I limit my availability in order to offer quality services to each client with full attention.  I do not book more than 3-4 sessions a day, but I always offer to make myself available to those who needs urgent care.   If you do not see a time block that you would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact me directly:

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